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  • How do I obtain an answer sheet for Distance Learning Module (Singapore Family Physician Journal) if I am not a member?

    Please be informed that with effect from 1st April 2008, the College has phased out the physical CME Answer Sheet forms. All College members may now log in to the College Online Portal (www.cfps2online.org) with their User ID and Password to complete the Distance Learning Module (Singapore Family Physician Journal).

    College non–members would have to complete and submit the Family Practice Skills Course registration form with the requisite fee(s). The form can be obtained from the College Mirror or downloaded from the College's website. After processing the registration form and payment, the College will proceed to post out the Singapore Family Physician Journal, and a unique User ID and login Password to the applicant.

  • How many CME points do I get by completing the Distance Learning Module and attending the seminars and workshops in Family Practice Skills Course?

    A total of 6 CME points will be awarded if you complete a Distance Learning Module and pass the MCQ assessment.

    A total of 6 CME points will be awarded if you attend both seminars and a workshop in the Family Practice Skills Course. (One Family Practice Skills Course consists of 2 seminars [day 1 and day 2] and 2 workshops [day 1 workshop is repeated on day 2]. The two seminars award a total of 4 CME points (2 points per seminar). The workshop awards a maximum of 2 CME points).

  • Where can I get information on seminars and workshops which award CME points?

    Please refer to Singapore Medical Council for a list of Seminars and Workshops organised in Singapore.

  • If I am a foreign doctor, can I apply for the GDFM course?

    In order to be eligible to apply for the GDFM course, the doctor has to be registered with Singapore Medical Council (SMC). The doctor must have at least one (1) year working experience in Singapore at the point of application, and a good recommendation from the employer.

  • Does the College provide postgraduate distance learning course?

    The College does not provide any postgraduate distance learning course.

  • When and how can I apply for GDFM course / traineeship for MMed (FM)?

    The opening and closing dates for the GDFM course application would be announced on this website, along with the updated entry requirements and link to download the application form. The announcement date is generally within the period of March to June each year. To apply, please complete and submit the application form provided to the College Secretariat.

    The application for MMed (FM) Programme A generally opens in November/June each year. You may wish to check with the clusters for more details.

  • How do I obtain the application form if I wish to join the MMed (FM) Programme A?

    As the Masters of Medicine (Programme A) is sponsored by Ministry of Health, approval of sponsorship has to be from the Ministry's clusters. Local graduates who have had a medical qualification of at least 2 years are eligible to apply for the Ministry of Health's Basic Specialist training programme in Family Medicine. The entry requirements and the application form will be provided by the Ministry of Health.

  • I am currently a GDFM trainee. What is the procedure to follow if I wish to switch to the MMed (FM) Programme B?

    One of the entry requirements for MMed (FM) Programme B is a satisfactory completion of the Family Medicine Modular Course (FMMC) of 8 modules over 2 years. The GDFM programme offers the FMMC course. As such, a GDFM trainee will need to complete the GDFM course before applying for the MMed (FM) Programme B.

  • What does FMTP stand for?

    FMTP = Family Medicine Training Programme.

  • What does FMMC stand for?

    FMMC = Family Medicine Modular Course.

  • Would I be able to gain exemptions from the required hospital postings or shorten my traineeship with the accreditation of my Pre-BST postings?

    All requests for accreditation of pre-BST postings will not be allowed.

  • Does the limitation of maximum two weeks leave for any 6-mth posting still apply? Is medical and/or maternity leave included?

    During the traineeship postings, trainees are not allowed more than 14 days of leave for every 6 months or two blocks of 3 months postings. The maximum period of absence (including maternity leave and reservist) should not exceed 4 weeks for every 6 months or two blocks of 3 months postings. Postings will not be recognized if the leave taken exceeds the above limits.

  • What are the eligibility criteria to sit for the MMed (FM) examination?

    For Programme A trainees
    1) Satisfactory completion of each posting.
    2) Meet a minimum of 75% attendance for each for the 8 FMTP modules organized by CFPS.
    3) Satisfactory completion of the Logbook entries and in-training assessments.
    4) A valid BCLS certificate.

    For Programme B trainees
    1) Have practised at least 6 years in primary care or recognized at the time of sitting for the Examination.
    2) Have satisfactory completion of the 8 modules of the FMMC.
    3) Satisfactory completion of the clinical refresher course.
    4) Have obtained at least 75% attendance for the 10 monthly and 30 weekly tutorials.
        This includes satisfactory completion of the Logbook entries and in-training assessments.
    5) A valid BCLS certificate.

  • If I was registered with SMC at the start of a postgraduate course but no longer a registered doctor thereafter, can I still sit for the examination?


  • Whom should I direct my queries and appeals to?

    For queries on examination matters (GDFM and MMed FM), please contact DGMS, NUS at 6516 3300 or email to dgms@nus.edu.sg.

    For other queries, please click here.