The Singapore Family Physician

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Role of Police in Management of Family Violence

Jonathan Pang
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 37 No 1 - Managing Family Violence
30 - 31
1 January 2011
The Police are often the first point of contact for victims of Family Violence. In some cases, the General Practitioner may call the Police on behalf of the victim if the doctor detects family violence or if the victim requests the doctor to do so on his or her behalf. Calling the police is especially crucial if there is risk of injury, immediate threat to life or bodily harm. The Police Officer will assess each incident and ensure that the situation is under control and that further escalation of violence is prevented. If there is immediate need of medical attention, then it would be requested immediately by the Police Officer handling the case. If no urgent need is required, then the Police Officer at the scene will refer the victim to Government medical institutions for the necessary medical examination. The Singapore Police Force and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), jointly head the Family Violence Dialogue Group. This is the key platform for the “Many Helping Hands” approach to family Violence that is multi-disciplinary and multi-agency.