The Singapore Family Physician

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Dynamic Interactions in the Primary Care Consultation, and an Introduction to Balint Groups

Wuan Eugene
Tay Teck Sng Andre
Peh Lai Huat Andrew
Teo Choon Liang David
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 44 No 4 - Update in Asthma Management
32 - 35
1 September 2018
Physicians in the primary care setting, such as General Practitioners and doctors working in polyclinics, will encounter patients with varying expectations of the consultation process, especially with regards to their emotional needs. These interactions, shaped by transference and counter-transference, will often induce varying emotional reactions in the physicians, both positive and negative. Understanding the dynamics which drive these interactions, and reflecting upon the physician's own emotional responses, can often lead to a more holistic appreciation of the patient and the therapeutic relationship, and consequently in improved patient care, and enhanced satisfaction for both the patient and physician. This article highlights the above dynamic interactions, and introduces the Balint Group, a platform whereby such themes and processes can be further explored. The processes of the Balint Group, and its benefit for attending members, are discussed.