The Singapore Family Physician

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Management of Elder Abuse and Neglect

Jonathan Pang
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 37 No 1 - Managing Family Violence
35 - 39
1 January 2011
Caring for an older person can be especially stressful if the elderly person suffers from physical and mental impairment. when the burden of looking after them becomes intolerable, elder abuse may take place out of sheer frustration. Research has also shown that caregiver stress is one of the causes of elder abuse. Elderly abuse can thus be found not only in families but also in institutions like nursing homes. It is important for family doctors to have a high index of suspicion and call upon supporting resources to help the elderly abused patient. If necessary, the Police should also be involved besides the counsellors. Several help lines are available for both the elderly abuse patient as well as the doctors looking after such patients. The details are in the Integrated Management of Family Violence manual.