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Lee Cheng Chuan
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 39 No 1 - Sexual Health
10 - 16
1 January 2013
The outlook of people living with HIV (PLHIV) has changed for the better. With the discovery of effective drugs HIV is more like a chronic disease. The family doctor has several roles in HIV medicine: find, test, treat, and retain. Find - at risk individuals, and reduce their HIV risks. Test – to diagnosis those with acute HIV infection, to identify the asymptomatic patients, and to identify those with AIDS defining illnesses. Treat - participate in shared care management with HIV specialists. Retain – retain wellbeing of PLHIV - monitor for complications, provide patient education to help them minimise complications. Routine testing for HIV infection is now the practice. For treatment, A combination ART regimen consisting of two NRTIs + one active drug from one of the classes: NNRT, PI, INSTI, or a CCRS antagonist. Retaining the wellbeing of PLHIV requires monitoring for complications, and providing patient education to help them minimise complications.