The Singapore Family Physician

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Disseminated Cutaneous Zoster Can Occur in Healthy Individuals: A Case Series

Lee Hwee Chyen
Chia Min Wee
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 37 No 4 - Cardiometabolic Risk Update
51 - 55
1 October 2011
Disseminated cutaneous zoster is a severe complication of varicella-zoster-virus infection. Zoster is known to occur in healthy individuals, while its disseminated cutaneous form usually occurs in severely immunocompromised hosts. Though uncommon, disseminated cutaneous zoster has been reported in healthy individuals, where age-related decline in cellular immunity is a single risk factor. We report three cases of disseminated cutaneous zoster in elderly patients aged from 71 to 80 years, discussing their clinical background, progression and outcome.