The Singapore Family Physician

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Advice for Individuals Travelling to High Altitude

Lee Eng Sing
Lee Meng Kam Richard,
Aw Lee Fhoon Lily
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 39 No 1 - Schizophrenia
48 - 55
1 February 2013
More people are traveling to remote places for leisure and business. It is not uncommon for patients to get medication and advice for travel to high altitudes. Although high altitude cerebral and pulmonary oedemas are more frequent at very high and extreme altitudes, they may sometimes occur at lower altitudes and lead to fatalities. Even though acute mountain sickness (AMS) is generally deemed benign, it can easily wreck a holiday. The Lake Louise Score Questionnaire is a useful screening tool for AMS and it can be self-administered during travel. Non-pharmacological means in the prevention and treatment of AMS, especially acclimatisation, are the most important. Pharmacological prevention and treatment strategies should be used as a useful adjunct. This paper provides an approach to the provision of education and advice for high altitude travel in the primary care setting.