The Singapore Family Physician

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Community Resources for Patients and Caregivers

See Yen Theng
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 39 No 2 - Dementia
33 - 36
1 June 2013
Dementia is a progressive brain dysfunction that leads to disintegration of ability to look after oneself and the need for community resources to minimise the resulting impact of the progressive disability. The various care services available in Singapore for elderly patients and their caregivers are: hospital based, community centre-based, community home-based, and nursing home based. New services for dementia care are: senior care centres (SCC), integrated community mental health and dementia support networks, and Community Intervention Teams (COMIT). The Mobile Eldercare Locator (MEL) enables users to search for health and social care services in Singapore based on specified eldercare needs of the individuals. Referral to community centre-based services such as day rehabilitation and dementia day care services and homecare services such as home nursing, home medical, and home therapy services are co-ordinated by AIC referral team. Family physicians can apply for such services either via hardcopy or online.