The Singapore Family Physician

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What approach can primary care physicians adopt to manage their patient who is upset as a result of adverse effect from their treatment?

Chan Hian Hui Vincent
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 39 No 1 - Schizophrenia
56 - 58
1 February 2013
The article explores the various approaches a doctor can use in managing and upset patient. These approaches include BATHE (Background-Affect-Troubles-Handling-Empathy), LEARN (Listen-Explain-Acknowledge-Recommend and Negotiate) and LEAP (Listen-Empathise-Agree-Partnership). We include a case study of a 16 year old patient who presented with a sore throat. She subsequently developed a rash after starting Amoxicillin, which was later changed to Augmentin. The doctor utilised the BATHE approach in managing the patient's unhappiness.