The Council

The 29th Council (2023-2025)

President Dr Wong Tien Hua FCFP(S)
Vice President Dr S Suraj Kumar FCFP(S)
Censor–in–Chief Dr Seah Ee-Jin Darren  FCFP(S)
Honorary Secretary Dr Wee Wei Chieh Nelson MCFP(S)
Honorary Treasurer A/Prof Low Lian Leng FCFP(S)
Honorary Editor Dr Chiang Shu Hui Grace FCFP(S)
Honorary Assistant Secretary Dr Chua Lee Lea Im Elaine MMed(FM)
Honorary Assistant Treasurer Dr David Tan Hsien Yung  FCFP(S)
Council Members Dr Fok Wai Yee Rose FCFP(S)
Clin A/Prof Paul Goh Soo Chye FCFP(S)
Dr Hu Pei Lin FCFP(S)
Dr Meykkumar S/O Meyappan FCFP(S)
Dr Shen Fengli Sharon MCFP(S)
Dr Tan Kian Wee Kenneth MCFP(S)
Adj A/Prof Tan Tze Lee FCFP(S)
Cl Asst Prof Xu Bang Yu FCFP(S)
  • FCFP(S): Fellow of the College of Family Physicians Singapore
  • MCFP(S): Member of the College of Family Physicians Singapore
  • MMed(FM): Master of Medicine (Family Medicine)