Membership Application (Details)


The College is active in the continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD) of Family Medicine. Pursue your personal interests in Family Medicine and contribute to its corporate development through membership of the College. Your membership counts. There is strength in numbers. Support Family Medicine. Join the College.

What Type of Membership?

Associate Member

  1. is a registered medical practitioner or has an acceptable qualification; or is a provisionally or conditionally registered medical practitioner. Provisionally registered doctors must become conditionally or fully registered within the number of years stipulated by the Singapore Medical Council;
  2. is a registered medical practitioner who does not qualify for Ordinary or Collegiate membership.

Ordinary Member

  1. is a registered medical practitioner or has an acceptable qualification;has GDFM, MMed (FM) or equivalent, or is fully registered with the Singapore Medical Council and has held a registrable or acceptable medical qualification for not less than five years;
  2. is engaged in family practice or equivalent.

Student Member

  1. is a medical student in the three medical schools (NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Duke-NUS Medical School and NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine) in Singapore shall be eligible for term Student Membership.
  2. the term to commence from acceptance of applications to a year after the scheduled completion of their SMC qualifying examination after which their membership shall terminate.

*The membership classification of the applicant is subject to the Board of Censors’ recommendation and College Council’s approval.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Substantial savings in course fees/registration fees for training programmes and FPSCs organised by the College compared to non-members.
  • Priority in registration for College members.
  • Complimentary copy of the quarterly “The Singapore Family Physician” journal and “The College Mirror” newsletter.
  • Answers sheets for the distance learning module of the Family Practice Skills Course will be online via the SFP portal (
  • GDFM Programme – special rates!

What Are The Annual Subscription Fees?

Associate / Ordinary Membership S$250.70 per financial year (1 Apr - 31 Mar) 
S$152.60 per half financial year (for new members joining during second half of financial year, 1 Oct - 31 Mar)
Student Membership NIL

*Fees (Inclusive of S$54.50 Entrance Fee)
*Fees (Inclusive of 9% GST)

Former members who wish to rejoin the College of Family Physicians Singapore must pay any fees in arrears owed to the College in addition to current membership fees. The membership application must meet with the approval of the College Council before he/she can rejoin as a member.

If your subscription continues to be in arrears for 3 years, your membership will be terminated in accordance with Article XIII Section 1 of the College Constitution which states:

Any member whose Annual Subscription shall become in arrears for three years, shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the College.

How Do I Apply?

 Click HERE to submit your Membership Application.

 If you are having difficulties with submission of the Membership Application, please contact the Secretariat at