The Singapore Family Physician

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Approach to Lower Gastrointestinal conditions

Yim Heng Boon
The Singapore Family Physician Vol 35 No 1 - Gastrointestinal diseases
29 - 34
1 March 2009
There is a huge range of lower gastrointestinal conditions that could give rise to numerous forms of symptoms. The purpose of this approach is not to list and regurgitate every single one of them (that could be found in almost all standard comprehensive textbooks) but to suggest a systematic approach when examining a patient who present with associated symptoms. A few important and relevant tables and flow charts have also been added on to aid in the management.The commonest symptoms presented to the family physician by patients with lower gastrointestinal conditions would include constipation, diarrhoea, lower abdominal pain as well as lower gastrointestinal bleeding. As such, I will be presenting the approaches as follow:1) what to look out for in a patient with:a. Lower abdominal pain b. Chronic diarrhoea c. Chronic constipation 2) Symptoms and signs of lower gastrointestinal bleeding